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What's in the name?

“The Scheldt” LESCAUT, where does the name of our watches come from? LESCAUT is the French translation of “The Scheldt”, a river that forms the lifeblood of our beautiful hometown, Antwerp. Thanks to LESCAUT, ships have been able to sell their products from all over the world in our harbour for centuries. Because of this, Antwerp was able to flourish as a world city with a world harbour. The colour of the watch face on our very first watch is called “ESCAUT Blue” as it represents the colour of “The Scheldt”. Silvius Brabo This figure of local folklore is famous in Antwerp.  Legend has it, that in the Dark Ages Antwerp was ruled by the terrifying giant called Druon Antigoon....

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About the backside

When you are an Antwerp local, looking at the backside of your 1987-watch is a bit like coming home. It shows our hommage to the iconic Central Railway station which is worldrenowned for its glorious architecture. Here is a little history ... Construction of the current building took place between 1899 en 1905. It was An eclictic design by Louis Delancenserie who was inspired by the Pantheon in Rome and the old railway station of Luzern (Switzerland).  When the building was in very poor shape during the mid 20th century, thoughts of demolition were luckily swept from the table. And in 1975 the building was pronounced a historical landmark, making it a permanent part of the Antwerp skyline.  And now,...

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Antwerp: top 3 reasons to visit "The Diamond City"

Antwerp, the city of diamonds, an intriguing city that has captured the heart of many natives and tourists alike. But what exactly is it about the city that enamours the people? Here we see the top three things Antwerp is most famous for. Like it’s going out of style With designers like Dries van Noten, Raf Simons and Ann Demeulemeester Antwerp can hold its own as fashion city against other fashion paradises like Milan or Paris. One stroll past the windows of “Het Modepaleis”, the flagship store of Dries Van Noten is enough to convince you so. Furthermore we also have the MoMu, Antwerp’s fashion museum where you can see some of the most stunning collections you will have ever...

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The Emerald Collection

There’s a new timepiece in the works, one for the real art connaisseurs between us. Keep reading to find out what makes this watch a real collector’s item! An homage to art First of all, we wanted to achieve something special and limited with this watch. Therefor we decided to only make 12 copies.This is an homage to the rules art established in France in the 19th century. This rule says that for any bronze art piece only 12 could exist at the time. Eight reproductions and four épreuves d’artistes.We applied this same logic to our timepieces, each one being numbered from 1-8 or with the épreuves d’artistes I-IV.   Now on to the watch itself We opted for a 40mm stainless...

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3 things to do in the morning to start your day productive

From time to time, getting up in the morning can be a very hard thing to do. Most of us are guilty of pushing that snooze button on our smartphone over and over again, myself included. Starting your day in a productive way is very important. It gives you a sense of accomplishment, you feel good about yourself. Being productive from the moment you wake up, enhances your mood and mental health. Easier said than done, I hear you say. Exactly, that’s why I will provide you with 3 tips that will help you start the day with a big fat BANG. Keep it clean First of all, make up your bed. If you make up your bed first thing...

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